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This picture is of two King Islanders standing in front of a building. The male on the left and female on the right are both wearing parkas and what appears to be traditional clothing.

Adult male in Western clothing standing with daughter and son. Girl in traditional kuspuk, boy in overalls and hat

Three King Islanders, presumably a family consisting of a mother, father, and a daughter.

Two adults with three children in mixed modern and traditional clothing in front of house

Two young adults with two children in traditional winter clothing in front of house

Photo appears to show a father, mother, with a son and daughter standing in front of a building. Father and son are both wearing hats. Father is dressed in traditional western garb while the other three are wearing traditional King Islander…

Two adults. One baby. Two children. Wood plank sidewalk. Man on porch.

A family of four with a man in western clothing a woman in a kuspuk, and two young children, all wearing mukluks.
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