Native American Religions, Fall 2017

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Native American Religions, Fall 2017

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Corpus Christi
Procession of Corpus Christi at St Rose of Lima Keller, on the Colville Reservation.

First Communion
Group of Native American children after having received their First Communion at St. Michael's Church. Father Joseph Griva S.J. in middle.

St. Joseph Church, Altar
Altar at St. Joseph Church. When compared to a similar image, it is possible that this image features the altar after a renovation/relocation to the church.

Text on side of image is: "St. Joseph's Church, Spok. Res."

St. Michael's Church
A processional at St. Michael's Church in Inchelium; ca 1926; Corpus Christi

Procession of Corpus Christi
-Church of St. Rose of Lima in Keller
-Procession of Corpus Christi is starting by leaving the church

Corpus Christi Standing Component
People standing around an alter as part of a Corpus Christi procession.

Sacred Heart Church from Nespelem
the visual prominence of Sacred Heart Church from the town Nespelem

St. Andrew's Mission Children
A group of native children posing for the camera. Girls are dressed in white dresses and boys in bow ties. The picture was taken at the St. Andrew's Mission in Pendleton, OR.

Sacred Heart Church Nespelem in the snow
faithful church attendees waiting in the snow to get into the sacred heart church in Nespelem

Barnabee St. Joachim Church with Bishop
Bishop (unidentified) at Barnabee St. Joachim (site now under water) during confirmation.
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