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A man, two women, and a girl are standing on plank sidewalk in front of building. Man in window of building. Family, parka, adults, kuspuk, mukluk, traditional clothing, western clothing.

The 2 adult women in the back are wearing traditional Kuspuks with parkas. While the child on the right is wearing a western style dress, and the girl on the left is wearing a dress that is a mixture of traditional King Island style and western…

This is a picture of King Islanders standing in front of a building. The two men and two children on the right are wearing more westernized attire or suits. And the female on the left has a baby on her back and appears to be wearing traditional…

Three girls in front of a building. Back of photo reads: "Half Breed Children from Nome".

Two King Islanders in different styles of kuspuks in front of a building

Man in a western jacket and hat is holding a young child dressed in white. The woman is standing beside the man wearing a white kuspuk. They both are standing on a plank of wood in front of a building.

Two adults with three children in mixed modern and traditional clothing in front of house

This photo appears to be a man posing with a woman on crutches in front of a building. The woman is wearing a parka and missing leg from the knee down. The man is wearing a western jacket and hat.

It appears to be the family portrait for a unit consisting of two parents and two young children.
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