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Two adults. One baby. Two children. Wood plank sidewalk. Man on porch.

Family portrait, the woman and daughter are wearing traditional clothing (kuspuks and parkas) as is the man holding the young boy in western attire. The man off to the right is wearing a western style suit.

The 2 adult women in the back are wearing traditional Kuspuks with parkas. While the child on the right is wearing a western style dress, and the girl on the left is wearing a dress that is a mixture of traditional King Island style and western…

Written on back of photo: "The whole family. King Islanders-Diomedes(?)" Twelve King Islanders stand in front of the church.

King Islander women of varying ages. Four of the women are in traditional parkas the other is in more western style dress. Looks to be taken with a back drop and may have been staged.

Two adults with three children in mixed modern and traditional clothing in front of house

Photograph of 2 adult and 4 children King Islanders

It appears to be the family portrait for a unit consisting of two parents and two young children.
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