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Two adults stand in front of building wearing kuspuks. Parka ruff is seen on female.

Man and woman in front of building, woman holding child. Child's hood has a ruff.

Two adults. One baby. Two children. Wood plank sidewalk. Man on porch in background. (no notes on back.) Family, parka, kuspuk, mukluk, traditional clothing.

People wearing kuspuks and mukluks stand together in front of a building.

King Island family standing together for photo. There appears to be 4 adult males, 2 adult females, 1 child. Note on back written by Jesuit mentions that he could not remember any of the individuals names.

This photo appears to be a man posing with a woman on crutches in front of a building. The woman is wearing a parka and missing leg from the knee down. The man is wearing a western jacket and hat.

Two adults and two children standing in front of a building. Also an adult and child in the background.

5 adults; including 1 young child. Adult on left in western clothing
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