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A family unit, man to right wears western clothing. Others in photo wear kuspuks and parkas. Back of photo said "King's Island Family".

This picture is of a male and female standing in front of a building. They appear to be wearing parkas and mukluks, which are considered traditional clothing in King Islander culture.

The man appears to be wearing western influenced clothing. The women and children appear to be wearing parkas under kuspuks.

A King Islander couple standing in front of a building in parkas. Written on back of photograph: "Just Married." "For better or for worse!" "Wales."

Two King Islanders standing in front of a house wearing parkas
Written on back of photo "In their Sunday Dress.....on file before 1929."

Written on back of photo: "The whole family. King Islanders-Diomedes(?)" Twelve King Islanders stand in front of the church.

An older adult, younger adult, and two children in mixed traditional and modern clothing standing with open scenery in the background

King Islander women of varying ages. Four of the women are in traditional parkas the other is in more western style dress. Looks to be taken with a back drop and may have been staged.

5 King Islanders in parkas and kuspuks posing for the photograph.
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