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Woman and child wearing kuspuks. The black '+' on the photo was drawn on the photo.

Written on back of photo: "Rev Martin J. Lonneux, St. Joseph's Church, Nome-Alaska". A family takes a picture in front of church. Child watches from background.

The 2 adult women in the back are wearing traditional Kuspuks with parkas. While the child on the right is wearing a western style dress, and the girl on the left is wearing a dress that is a mixture of traditional King Island style and western…

Three girls appear to be wearing kuspuk over parka and mukluks in front of a building.

Two King Islanders in parkas standing on steps of a building

Two adults and four young children standing in front of a building. Also there appears to be another adult standing in the window in the background.

Three King Islanders posing for a picture on a porch in front of a house. Outer King Islanders wearing parkas, while the middle male is wearing a suit.

Male and female dressed in parkas in front of building

5 adults; including 1 young child. Adult on left in western clothing

Two young adults with two children in traditional winter clothing in front of house
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