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  • Collection: Native American Religions, Spring 2016

Moving baby, mother, and father. Father in western clothing (suit and hat) while mother and child are wearing kuspuks

Family posing for photograph in front of a home, in both traditional and western dress.

Three King Islanders in kuspuks. Woman's kuspuk has "+" on the photograph.

Three King Islanders, presumably a family consisting of a mother, father, and a daughter.

It appears to be the family portrait for a unit consisting of two parents and two young children.

A man in a parka, and a woman in a kuspuk in front of a building

This photo appears to be a man posing with a woman on crutches in front of a building. The woman is wearing a parka and missing leg from the knee down. The man is wearing a western jacket and hat.

A woman with a child on her back and 3 other children surrounding her. Wearing parkas with fur ruffs.

Female King Islander with two braids in Kuspuk with women's belt.

Two adults with three children in mixed modern and traditional clothing in front of house
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