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Three girls appear to be wearing kuspuk over parka and mukluks in front of a building.

Appears to be a family unit, in kuspuks over parkas.

Woman and child wearing kuspuks. The black '+' on the photo was drawn on the photo.

Photo appears to show a father, mother, with a son and daughter standing in front of a building. Father and son are both wearing hats. Father is dressed in traditional western garb while the other three are wearing traditional King Islander…

Man on left wearing western suit and hat, woman in middle appears to be wearing kuspuk over parka, woman on right appears to be wearing parka

5 King Islanders in parkas and kuspuks posing for the photograph.

Man in a western jacket and hat is holding a young child dressed in white. The woman is standing beside the man wearing a white kuspuk. They both are standing on a plank of wood in front of a building.

Two King Islanders in different styles of kuspuks in front of a building

People wearing kuspuks and mukluks stand together in front of a building.
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