Transcription of Griva's Diary: Pages 18-35

Diary of Father Edward Griva, S. J. August 1, 1913-April 30, 1922


Page 18: Heard many confessions, sang high mass, preached and taught a catechism and some children gave benediction with the Blackfoot. Heard confession again. 

Went to Boyds then to Orolville. Attended to the children. Said first mass for the children of the fidelity of the Children of Mary, preached during the second mass, heard some confessions, taught catechism in the afternoon. Baptized two men, blessed their marriage. Began to put the ceiling in my bed room, attended and organized prayer. Put up the ceiling in the sacristy of Mr. John Hone. Begin to receive offerings to build up a catholic church in that town in the evening went back to Oroville. Went to Nolson.

Page 19: Taught catechism to the children of Mr. Cody then stayed at the Imperial Hotel. Said mass privately in the room then went to the mission. At 9:30, taught catechism to the children (white and indians). Early in the morning went to Spokane and attended to some business. Went to Cusik then to the indian settlement, heard many confessions. Camped in the house of Mr. Valley. Preached to a very large crowd of Indians in “Indian”. Most of them received holy communion. Organized the apostleship of prayer, began to make a church fund for the purpose of building a church. Then went to Usk for the purpose to see some people, went to Spokane. 

Page 20: Went to Marcus, in the evening heard confessions. Said first mass for the Sodality of the children. Offices of the Altar society abolished, in the afternoon had meeting with sodality of children, Went to Boundary. Went to Northfort and went to the Indian settlement of Northfort. Taught catechism to children. Began to build new altar. Organized Sodality of the Children of Mary among the girls of the academy (white and Indians). Went to Chesaw. Heard some confessions. Preached in the house of Mr. John Carabine, 

Page 21: Went to Lyncaster then Oroville. Put steel in church. February: had service as usual. Rosary and benediction in afternoon. Went to Tonasket. Said mass in the house of Mr. John Hone. Went back to Oroville. Went to the little indian mission at Pia. Many Indians were present although weather was very cold. Went to Boyds. And then to mission of St. Francis Regis. 

Page 22: Organized work of the Propagation of the faith. Went to house of Pual Antoine who is very sick, camped in his house. Heard confession of several indians. Last sacrament to Paul. Had electric lights fixed again. Went back to St. Francis Regis Mission. Went to Marcus. Attended to several things concerning the church. Wrote the census of the Church’s account. 

Page 23: Went to St. Anne’s church in Pia. Had exposition of the B. Sacrament. The 25th is Ash Wednesday, blessed the ashes and had usual service. Preached in the house of Mr. Carabin. During the whole month heard 215 confessions. March: 2nd mass read the lenten regulations in the afternoon, gave benediction. 

Page 24: Went to Tonasket. Visited several people in the afternoon. had a meeting of the ladies in the house of Mrs. Jackson, decided to give a kind of supper for the benefit of the church. Went to Nolson, said mass in the Church. Put up the partition in the house with Frank Poitras. Went to Pia to bury John Taynes, went back to Marcus. Children received holy communion. 

Page 25: Blessed stations of the cross and hung them on the wall. Preached on this subject, gave benedition with the B. sacrament. Said mass and preached about St. Patrick, went to Spokane. Indians dug ditch for Church foundation. Indians tore down half of the cabin that had been used for Church. Deposited 14 dollars in the bank. 

Page 26: Went to Marcus, went to Oroville, Heard 250 confessions. April: Went to Godfrey, then to Pia. Graveyard clean up. Stations of the cross. Blessed stations of the cross. 

Page 27: Said mass in the house of Mr. Gornely. Went to Loomis. Had the Holy Thursday service, High mass for the whole day. Sermon in the evening. Service of the Good Friday on the 10th. Had the station of Our Lady of Sorrow, put in the middle prayer during the whole day, Way of the cross in the afternoon. Service of the Holy Saturday, many communions, went to St. Frances Mission. Easter Sunday, said the first mass and sang the second, preached in English, 

Page 28: and in Indian. Went to Boundary. Heard confessions, gave communion, went to Northport. Visited Catholic families. Made order for 40 hours of devotion. Kept sacrament exposed until evening. 7:30 PM said rosary. 

Page 29: Went to Spokane, went to Cusik. Gave communion to many Indians, began concrete foundations for the new church in the evening heard confessions again. Said late mass, performed marriage in the afternoon. Went to Chesaw. Went to Bridesville then to the house of Mr. Joseph Dumont. arranged things about a comfort and entertainment for the benefit of the Molson Church.  

Page 30: Said mass in the house of Mr. Methot. During this month heard 522 confessions. May: Preached in the church of St. Anne. Organized a choir. 40 hours of devotion again, in the evening. Feast of the Patronage of St. Joseph. Beautiful crowns at 10 o’clock. 

Page 31: After mass went to the Indian church at Antoine. Took all the measures needed, then went to Conasket hoping to see Mr. Lynch. Decided to have service on Wednesday after last Sunday of each month. Settled the context between 2 girls. The entertainment to be given for the benefit of the church, Service on Pentecost Feast. 

Page 32: Heard many confessions, said mass at 9:30, went to Northport. Went to Marcus. Appointed other Sunday school teachers. Assension day, heard again confessions. gave benediction. Went to visit Italian families. 

Page 33: Then went to Orient. Said mass in Mrs. Rosalin. Taught catechism. Prepared first holy Communion for some children. (even named children) Enrolled children in the brown scapular. Then Feast of Pentecost. 

Page 34: Heard 235 confessions in May. June: Went to Oroville and prepared some children for first holy communion. Heart of the blessed Trinity. Children made renovation of the baptismal vow at high mass. Then went with Mr. Lynch and his ranch (16 miles away) at White Stone Place. 

Page 35: Had a joyful picnic with Catholic children. Attended to business at the Indian church of Antoine. Gave holy communion with almost every indian present. In the afternoon had a grand procession in Indian fashion. Gave benediction three times, everything was in great order, no drunkards, nor trouble. Married Charles and Cecilia. Attended to the mission, went to Marcus.

Transcription of Griva's Diary: Pages 18-35