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A photograph of young Native girls in Sunday dress with a nun. Photograph was taken in Tacoma, WA by L. Bingham Waters.

Group of young children for First Communion at Sacred Heart Nespelem.

Large group of young Native American First Communicants, dressed in American attire.

First communicants at St. Mary's Mission in Omak, Washington, posing in formal wear in front of the church

Native woman dressed in white dress holds a prayer book with necklaces of the cross. She is a first communicant and is pictured in front of slouching native men. The photo was taken at the Church of St. Lima in Keller, WA.

Four girls and three boys stand next to each other after completing First Communion at St. Michael's Church.

Young girl receiving first Holy Communion at St. Rose of Hima Keller. This community is one of multi-ethnicities.

Four girls who are dressed for their first communion outside at St. Michael's Church in Inchelium. Taken around 1925.

Father Edward M Griva SJ between two young girls who made their first communion in the church of St. Rose Sanpoil Valley – near Keller, Washington.

Four young girls in communion dresses standing in front of St. Rose of Lima Church in Keller, WA. Seven men sit on the church step observing the communicants.
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