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Inside of the upstairs chapel at Sacred Heart Mission in Nespelem, WA. Altars of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Jesus Christ, and Joseph. Possibly a Christmas display.

An image of the altar to the Virgin Mary in the Sacred Heart Mission, in Nespelem WA. Writing in Photograph, Nespelem- side altar of B.VM.

Inside of a chapel at Sacred Heart Mission in Nespelem, WA. Chapel pews and altars with statues of Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary are visible.

Picture of altar at St. Joseph Church, likely before renovations/relocation.

Interior of Barnabee St. Joachim Church showing an area with multiple statues of Jesus, The center is of Jesus with his arms outstretched, the left is of Mary, Joseph, and Jesus as a child. The right is Mary holding Jesus at the crucifixion.

Photograph features the dedication of St. Michael Mission in Inchelium, Washington on June 11, 1925. This picture represents the altars and sanctuary and part of the church on the day of the dedication of the church.

People standing around an alter as part of a Corpus Christi procession.

Altar at St. Joseph Church. When compared to a similar image, it is possible that this image features the altar after a renovation/relocation to the church.

Text on side of image is: "St. Joseph's Church, Spok. Res."
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