Communion at Nespelem

1st Communicant

Young girl receiving her first Holy Communion at St. Rose of Hima Keller

Communion at Sacred Heart, Nespelem

This picture shows Father, nuns and children at Sacred Heart Nespelem. The children are dressed in ceremonial garb for first communion.

1st Communion of Four Girls

Four young girls in communion dresses standing in front of St. Rose of Lima Church in Keller, WA. Seven men sit on the church step observing the communicants

Father Edward M Griva SJ at St. Rose of Lima

Father Edward M Griva SJ between two young girls who made their first communion in the church of St. Rose Sanpoil Valley – near Keller, Washington

During Father Edward Griva's visits to the missions, he was heavily involved in church activities. One of his most notable involvements in the church was giving communion. Father Griva prepared people for their First Communion, including many children. He also gave communion to many native peoples. To help prepare those who were to receive their first communion, Griva taught Catechism. Griva would give mass on the missions and was delighted the ceremonies brought together Catholics and non-Catholics, many of whom received the Holy Communion.