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The text on the back of the photo reads: "[Native American Chiefs] came to Mission to inspect the church with purpose of building one for their own tribe situated across the mts. When they learned that the Frs. had built it from proceeds of sale of…

Location #4 in the upper right corner was the main school house for young Native American Boys. Many were forced to attend the boarding schools.

This image captures the mission grounds within the Flathead Reservation and the surrounding Mission Range Mountains can be seen in the background.

An image from one of the many visits Jesuit missionaries would make to the Native American huts.

Chief Baptist, wife, and granddaughter pose for an image outside of their home.

This image captures the front of the St. Ignatius Church and many of the Native American huts that were scattered around the mission grounds.

Early in the 20th century the Old Mission Church acted as the reservations' hospital once the congregation moved to the St. Ignatius Church. Eventually though, the Holy Family Hospital became the primary hospital on the reservation.

A close up view of the St. Ignatius Church and its interior walls. Brother Joseph Carignano painted all 58 art pieces covering the inside of the chapel.

The text on the rear of this image reads: "What a picture this is of the self-sacrifice of these good sisters! A dozen of them wash, feed, clothe (and make the clothes), teach, do everything for 125 helpless youngsters." The author of this image…

Again, the imposing mountains dominate this photograph. In the foreground of the first photo and in much of the second photo you can see a farm-like settlement near the base of the Mountains. This type of settlement was frequently mentioned within…
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