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  • Collection: The Fated Surroundings

Starting at the end of line 27, the written text reads:

"Tonight 5 boys run away without any motive. One of them, Louis Malt, is caught at once, and sent to jail where he will remain till Friday morning, when he will be expelled from school."

The sign reads: “The Indians on this reservation belong to the Flathead, Kalispell, Spokane, Kootenai, and Pend d’Oreille tribes. Lewis and Clark met the Flatheads in 1805 and described them and their allies the New Perce as being friendly and…

Historically, the female perspective has been completely disregarded or erased and this was one of the few images within the collection where women were the focus of the image.

Many Jesuit priests attempted to facilitate the intersection of diverse cultures by participating in Native Traditions and learning the indigenous languages.

Both the Jesuit missionaries and the Native American members of the congregation found ways to integrate one another culture into a mutual celebration.

McNickle emphasized the ways in which Native American's within the reservation attempted to hold on to a heritage that was being forcibly replaced.

An image from one of the many visits Jesuit missionaries would make to the Native American huts.

On a holiday such as Easter, the Flathead peoples would host their own celebration of Native American culture to recognize the history of their culture alongside their newly adopted traditions within Catholicism.

The protagonist from the novel, Archilde, makes his living off of the reservation because of his skill with instruments. When he returns, his father and the Jesuit missionaries hope to use his talent as a way to benefit the mission and keep him…

The text on the back of the photo reads: "[Native American Chiefs] came to Mission to inspect the church with purpose of building one for their own tribe situated across the mts. When they learned that the Frs. had built it from proceeds of sale of…
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