Digital Jesuits is a student-faculty collaborative endeavor examining Gonzaga University’s past and present Jesuit identity by directly engaging students with primary historical records and documents from the Jesuit Oregon Province Archive (JOPA), a special collection housed within Gonzaga’s Foley Library. Given the interdisciplinary scope of this project, students will encounter texts that speak to a range of interests and academic fields that detail the history of Gonzaga and the greater Pacific Northwest at large. By working with some of these documents, such as the correspondence and diaries of the earliest Jesuits in the region, the original Jesuit house diaries, photographs and film of various missions, the only existent original dictionaries cataloguing native languages, and the like, our students will come to a greater sense of what it means to attend a Jesuit school, learn in a Jesuit model, and more largely to walk Ignatian.

For more information about Digital Jesuits, or to express interest in helping develop a project, you can contact the current project directors, Dr. Emily Clark (Religious Studies) and Dr. Katey Roden (Visiting Scholar in Digital Humanities, English and Women's & Gender Studies) by emailing us at: